Saturday, August 3, 2013

I got bored!

I know! With all of the stuff going on around here in the last few weeks I didn't have TIME to get bored. I guess the more accurate description would be that I got distracted. And I needed a new pair of sneakers. But I'm kind of broke so no money spending for awhile. But I had this pair of sneakers in the garage that I had been avoiding because I let them sit out there a bit too long. Like...a year. And they had cobwebs and sawdust and spiders....but I cleaned them up and they were actually still in almost new shape. It must have been laziness that made me leave them out there in the first place. Because....I am basically lazy. LOL

They were tan colored canvas and cost me all of $1 on clearance at Wal-Mart a few years ago. I think I bought a few pairs....must go dig them up soon.

I can't wait to wear these to the movies tomorrow!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August already?

LOL! Isn't he cute? I drew him on the page because the original stamp is much smaller and I wanted a BIG monster.

I can't believe it's already August. Or that it IS August. We had two weeks of hot summer and then *poof* it seems that fall has arrived. A friend in Pittsburgh says she has seen trees changing colors already. The Rose of Sharon trees all around here have been in full bloom since before the Fourth of July. They aren't supposed to bloom until late August. Something is telling me that longer summers aren't in our near future.

We had more than our share of excitement in July. Our pool collapsed. Yeah...that was fun. Fortunately nobody was hurt. No people and no furries were in the way of the 18,000 gallons of rushing water. That happened the day the heat wave started here. Yeah...that timing was terrible. Then my husband hurt his back and has been working intermittently in between visits to the chiropractor. Poor guy. He hurts so bad at times but he is getting better. That was his final sign that he needed to get serious about the diet and losing a bit of weight to ease the pressure in his back.  We do the low carb thing. It works for me because I have an actual wheat allergy. Not gluten intolerance but an actual allergy that causes joint inflammation when I eat anything with wheat in it.Once I am about four days into the diet without carbs (sugar, rice, wheat, potatoes) my whole body feels about ten years younger.'s the right diet for me. I can still have wheat once I've lost my extra pounds but only once in awhile and only when I haven't got a busy day the next day. Trying to dash from place to place and up and down stairs isn't easy when your knees, hips, ankles and lower back are all screaming at you for the slice of pizza you had the night before. LOL

On top of all of that, as if we needed more, we got one of our new puppies neutered. He was not at all happy having to wear the big collar around his neck to keep him from chewing at his stitches. It took a lot of duct tape to keep that collar together towards the end. He kept ramming it into stuff and cracking it. But today he got his stitches removed and no more gigantic collar! He is one happy puppy.

Well....I ought to get this posted. I have about a day to myself so I am going to use it to get paint all over a few things. I'm glad I saw the article in Somerset Studio's Art Journaling magazine about Kate Crane. I have half of a year of my history written now and it was a lot more fun than I had expected it to be. I just need a little bit of slow time to get caught up. No more excitement please. I like things kind of dull. ;)